Analysis • Coaching • Content Creation

At Mark Elliott Media, we offer stations in markets 50+ a wide range of programming, digital, and sales options to help create profitable brands designed specifically for your market. If you’re looking to improve a heritage position, execute a format turnaround or launch a new format, we specialize in all three.  

  • Morning show development, techniques to help talent develop a unique identity
  • Improve the quality of station websites, apps, smart speakers and social media presence to expand listener engagement
  • Financial flexibility with multiple formats experience

I work with stations to improve their programming, sales, and digital presence. I offer over four decades of experience in all market sizes and in multiple formats. Developing morning show personalities is one of my many strengths and can do the same for podcasters. After being involved with more than 100 stations over 4 decades, there isn’t any situation we can’t improve on and off the air. In a challenging economy… EXPERIENCE MATTERS!

RADIO STATION CONSULTANTS provides customized plans to increase ratings and revenue that begins with a complete market analysis and from there, expand based on your specific needs.

  • Work with experienced programmers, digital specialists & sales experts
  • Strategic, turnkey plans to increase ratings & revenue
  • Competitively priced options, including barter
  • Weekly video meetings & quarterly market visits

My name is Andy Meadows and I’m a Texas based radio consultant and author. I consult a handful of clients on programming, digital, operations and sales. I’m a life-long radio guy and, unlike some within our industry, I’m very excited about the future. Contact me today to find out how you can get an initial assessment of your group or station, followed by a strategic plan to grow your ratings and revenue.