Custom Formats

Classic Hip Hop and Throwbacks is what BUMPIN’ is all about. The BUMPIN’ format is a mix of the best testing urban tracks with unique image and brand to make your station stand out. BUMPIN is a perfect format if you are looking to a broad appeal yet diversified product offering to your radio station group. The Bumpin’ format can be localized and customized using new hands-free technology.

BUMPIN' Classic Hip Hop Demo

A revolution in music formats and all new for 2023. EVERYTHING is a format that does just that, plays everything. EVERY SONG FOR EVERYBODY … THE EVERYTHING format is fully customizable and with the ability to localize as well. From Jay Z to George Strait … From Foreigner to Harry Styles … EVERYTHING is a huge TSL builder because listeners stay longer to hear what song will be played next. The same way audio is consumed on popular streaming services … we bring those playlists to broadcast radio.

EVERYTHING - Every Song for Everyone Demo

PLAY-FM plays Better Music … PLAY-FM is a HOT A/C format where we customize the mix to be the perfect blend of music for your local market and create the ultimate listen at work radio station. PLAY-FM format is fully customizable and with the ability to localize as well

PLAY-FM Hot A/C Demo

THE REBEL is your new brand for country … THE REBEL brand is flexible and our positioning statement of Continuous Country gives us the flexibility to make THE REBEL what your listeners want. Hit Country, Outlaw Country, Hat Era Country, a blend of all country. You tell us what you want YOUR REBEL to be and we deliver the custom REBEL format to you plus we have the ability to localize as well using THE REBEL comes in two base versions, Mainstream Country and Legends Based Country

The Rebel- Mainstream Country
The Rebel- Legends Based

RETRO ALT is all new for 2023. RETRO ALT is Classic Alternative from the 90s and 2000s … From Nirvana to Stone Temple Pilots … and the Foo Fighters to Depech Mode … RETRO ALT is the new Classic Rock format for 2023. If are looking to be revolutionary in your market, join the RETRO ALT Revolution! RETRO ALT from is available for local customization.

Retro Alt- Classic Alternative Demo

The Greatest Hits play on REWIND. REWIND is the custom Classic Hits format brand rewinds the way your listeners want. With REWIND … you tell us how far to REWIND the music and we deliver … 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s … The choice is yours and your listeners. Classic Rock, Pop, Disco, the mix is up to you too with the latest format builder technology. We build REWIND to your market with the music your listeners want.

The Greatest Hits REWIND Demo