Head Upstream with Digital Sales

Every sales meeting begins with, “How do we monetize our online inventory?” And then… silence. Everyone knows or has a pretty good sense of the rewards that can come from monetizing online inventory. But making it happen is another matter.

Radio broadcasters know how to sell, well, radio. But even the savviest digital seller can’t sell without the proper tools in place. And there’s the first hurdle. The big groups build their in-house systems or cut great deals with pricey providers and they’re killing it. Why should you be left out and let them take all the money?

You can nail this… you just need the right partner! That word – partner – is key. You want someone who will work with you and is vested in your success. You don’t want someone who will take a call from a bigger group and leave you on hold. Also look for a provider who is open to barter deals. It’s not a surprise that will make it easier on your bottom line.

You want a digital services provider that delivers an all-in-one solution. One that offers high-quality, low-cost expertise across every facet of digital, from producing a podcast of ‘best-of bits’ and getting it up on your site to effortlessly making your morning show available as a podcast for download later in the day. If you can do that, now you’ve got something you can sell.

If you don’t have the manpower to move some of your sellers to digital, or want them to 100% focused on selling radio, then you’ll need a digital provider who will act as an extension of your sales team and bring in those digital dollars.

Streamkast+ is all the above. It’s the all-in-on digital solution for radio, built and designed by radio people. When you call, we know what you’re dealing with! Plus, because we’re a partner of Radio Resources, we can work with you and other Radio Resources vendors to bring in a texting platform, brand imaging experts, and more.