Meet your audience where they are and give them a voice

When morning duo Ace & TJ made a commitment to going digital, they chose AirKast to connect to their mobile audience.

In fact, when they lost a flagship affiliate, they we’re thrilled at how many fans followed them too mobile!

Their approach is simple, meet listeners where they are, give me engaging content (audio and video) and allow them to give their opinions on what they’re looking for on a radio show.

Their app highlights include their daily YouTube broadcasts, Trivia and Polls and as well as the ‘speak up’ feature which allows listeners to connect directly to them with content ideas and comments, while collecting ‘first person’ fan data to grow their database.

The best part, AirKast’s listener analytics and heat maps allow their team to see exactly who’s listening, where they’re listening and what content they’re engaging in to strengthen their show strategy. If you’re looking to create an App for your station, group or a show within your on-air line-up see what Ace & TJ have to say here.

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