Taking the Plunge

Recently, Fred Jacobs’ #TBT column was an ode to the Program Director. One of his essential points – to me – was that you should never get too high or too low when the book comes out. I used to tell my staff that ratings were like a baseball season – don’t celebrate a five-game winning streak any more than you lament dropping a weekend series. You are in it for the long haul.

Then again, this is easier for me to say today since I’m not waiting for the Nielsen download that will serve as my report card.

Suffering through the ups and downs of the ratings game is more difficult in diary markets. Even in the continuous measurement markets, the sample changes every single week. (Hopefully this will change when the digital diary is implemented. – Hint…hint, Nielsen). In two-book markets, this can be even more overwhelming because you are six months between surveys.  Keep reading more