The New Norm

Working remotely has become the new norm since the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic. The radio industry has been no exception to this massive shift in the workplace. When was the last time a full week went by and each day your office was filled with co-workers? It’s likely been a while.

You’ve likely heard how it’s never been easier to work remotely thanks to advancements in technology and software. While this is true for most industries, software designed specifically for radio hasn’t kept up. Accessing your client’s ads, sponsorships, proposals etc. on your phone has been such a hassle, if it’s possible at all. Or how about creating a prize giveaway on your phone? Or prepping your entire show complete with giveaways, client mentions and a full rundown, again on your phone? These things may be possible using at least 3 separate platforms, that are more than likely not designed for radio. The systems that are designed for radio, aren’t mobile friendly, so using them on a phone is an awful experience. A lot of systems don’t even offer cloud-based versions, so you must be at your desk to use them, which is the biggest pain in our new world.

SPARC Media Hub is an all-in-one platform designed specifically for radio. This cloud-based, mobile friendly platforms offers creative workflow, promotions workflow, prize management, prep tools for talent and shows, phone screening, texting, sales workflow and lots of other tools to make your life easier. Sales reps can not only search any creative for their client directly on their phone but can also approve and revise any creative for their clients from anywhere. Promotions can create giveaways, contact winners, automate sending prize waivers, create station events or remotes from a phone, tablet or PC. SPARC is wherever you are.

In this new world of remote and hybrid work schedules, the software you use should be as flexible and nimble as you. Contact G Networks today to get more information on making the switch to SPARC Media Hub.

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