Why Do We Ignore the Weekends?

We know that a lot of radio listening occurs in the car. What is your audience doing on the weekend? Driving around in their car, running errands, shopping, transporting their kids to sporting events, or just having fun.

Here are some facts about weekends:

  • Saturday & Sunday represent 28.6% of your total week.
  • Successful music stations see about 50% of their weekly cume tune in on weekends. That is usually more than tune in to Morning Drive.
  • According to a recently released Westwood One study, advertisers should devote 21% of their campaign spend to weekends.

Yet, all too often weekends are an ignored daypart. Long gone are the days of having a live person in every shift. Stations air non-market-specific syndicated programming or plug in generic voice tracking. If you’re a spoken word station, you’re likely padding the bottom line with dreadful infomercial programming. Keep reading more