TAB 2023

August 2-3

Downtown Austin

Welcome to Radio Resources

Radio Resources is the 21st Century Approach to Managing Your Radio Stations that Saves You Time & Money.

Stop by Booths at 115 & 117 during the TAB Conference and learn how…..

The Radio Resources platform cuts down on paperwork and eliminates the time-draining drudgery of managing a multitude of unsychronized services and products.

Radio AI is a two-year project that is now reality. Radio AI is here to embrace technology and enhance products, workflow, and resources at radio stations. Many have been asked to do more with less for years within a local radio station environment. With Radio AI this ask is now possible.

A unique and beautiful workflow system for radio stations. Stay on top of everything promotions and creative. Make your competition wonder how. SPARC Media Hub contains an acronym which stands for “Sales”, “Promotions”, “Announcers”, “Reception” and “Creative”.

Combining all departments into one place help radio station departments communicate effectively, therefore improving efficiency and increasing revenue. SPARC Media Hub will help manage workloads, track approvals, and adhere to strict traffic deadlines; thus, creating better creative.

Text Groove enables a station’s existing studio landline, VoIP, or toll-free number — that listeners already know — to become a text-message platform that includes automated replies to keywords, contest entry confirmations, tracking of entrants, and more.

Text messaging with the Text Groove platform deepens audience engagement, drives conversation, and creates new revenue opportunities with text-line sponsorships and sponsored keywords.

Audio 1 is the fastest growing audio network in America. Audio 1 offers full audio network offerings including custom music, talk, and sports programming with distribution services with a large new reach.

Plus, discover the next-gen radio solutions from Audio 1 Distribution. Our Next Automation offers seamless integration and user-friendly control. Experience low-latency audio delivery with Next-HD IP and anticipate superior command control with the upcoming Next Plus. Audio 1 Distribution provides efficient file delivery and automation system updates that supports your self-syndication and distribution needs.

StreamKast + uses the latest technology to stream your radio station with dynamic ad insertion and a nearly 100% uptime with systems of redundancy that are unmatched. With the Audio 1 sales team on your side we can help your sales staff monetize your digital streams like never before

Traffic Director delivers all your traffic needs, remotely managed by traffic system experts.
We are a General and Hispanic market traffic service group that offers log implementation, creation, and reporting. We believe in attention to detail to minimize errors and maximize revenue. Success lies in working with you to understand your business and giving your team everything they need to optimize revenue

With Your News Network, you will have access to experienced journalists and producers who understand the importance of delivering timely and accurate news. Our commitment is to provide broadcasters with accurate and dependable news from a network of national news correspondents for a fraction of the price.

Radio Resources provides customized end-to-end PRODUCTS & SERVICES for running radio stations and groups



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