Radio Resources is a toolkit of end-to-end PRODUCTS & SERVICES for running radio stations and groups. It is tailored specifically for the unique needs of medium-to-small market broadcasters with the goal of freeing owners and operators from getting bogged down in daily operations so they can focus on growing audience and revenue.

The team at Radio Resources is knowledgeable about the challenges medium-to-small market radio stations face competing with bigger operators and emerging media. They are conversant with every product and service in the Radio Resources toolkit and can assist owners and operators compile customized packages to meet their needs.

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Radio Resources Expands Products & ServicesAdds Programming Choices, a Traffic System, Sales Training, and MoreBuilt for Radio and Tailored for Medium to Small Markets

NEW YORK, NY – October 3, 2022 – Radio Resources has expanded its platform with more products and services for medium to small market radio broadcasters, it was announced today by Alex Quintero, Director of Products and Services. The newly added products and services include additional programming options, a traffic system, sales training, and more.

“We continue to grow our platform to address the critical areas of owning and operating radio stations with top quality products and services that can not only improve overall station operations, but can deliver financial efficiencies, as well,” said Quintero. “With a more robust platform, we can better serve the specific needs of medium and small market broadcasters in our industry. Radio Resources makes the customer journey more streamlined, cuts costs, and saves time for owners, managers, and their teams, with the added benefit of increasing asset appreciation.”

Radio Resources Launches TodayNew Enterprise Built for Radio Broadcasters and Tailored for Medium to Small Market Owners and Operators Complete Toolkit of Products and Services– Back-Office Operations, 24/7 Formats, IT and Cyber-Security, Programming, Sales, Workflow Solutions, Production, Digital Platforms, and More

NEW YORK, NY – July 25, 2022 – Radio Resources, a new enterprise built as a toolkit for radio broadcasters and tailored for medium to small market owners and operators, launched today, it was announced by Alex Quintero, Director of Products and Services. Radio Resources has partnered with recognized and trusted radio product and service providers to create a unique, single-source, turnkey platform that can solve resource and budget hurdles across all aspects of radio station operations, with the bonus of increasing asset appreciation for owners and investors.

“Until now, radio station owners and operators had to deal with multiple providers and retrofit the pieces together,” Quintero stated. “The Radio Resources toolkit offers broadcasters one central point of contact and stewardship for a wide array of products and services, streamlined across critical departments to deliver a more efficient, productive, and seamless experience. Accountability, quality control, and customer service are enhanced, and owners and operators are free to focus on revenue and growing their business.”

Radio broadcasters can choose one product or create a cost-saving customized bundle from the categories in the Radio Resources suite, which includes Programming and Content, Workflow Solutions, IT and Cyber Security, 24/7 Formats, Sales Strategy, Imaging and Production, Research, Online and Digital Integrations, Back-Office Operations, and more. Radio Resources products and services are available for cash, barter, or a mix of both.

“Radio Resources will continue to grow and expand as a full service solutions provider for radio broadcasters,” Quintero added. “We’re the only company that can aggregate such a broad range of radio products and services and provide this level of multi-resource support because our independent standing gives us the freedom to seek out the best providers to service our radio clients.”


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Radio Resources is an end-to-end suite of Products & Services designed for the Radio Broadcaster.



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