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CarPro USA Auto News delivers original automotive radio content covering new releases, top stories, industry updates and more! Spanning the top US markets, loyal listeners tune into the CarPro every week to hear Jerry Reynolds and Kevin McCarthy guide listeners through the automotive world. From buying, selling, leasing, or figuring out what makes sense for their audience, these award-winning hosts break down all the facts, giving weekly fans straight talk and expert answers.

The Danny & Kait Show is topical and relatable for both men and women listeners. They do local breaks talking about our markets and station promotions, events, and contesting, the perfect Morning Show for any format and market. It’s easy to upload and is available for 100% Barter or cash! They will record commercials when asked and record daily 1-2 local local quick breaks an hour. Danny & Kait are married and have 5 children. They are relatable to Woman 18-49 & People 25-49. They won Best of Radio personalities in 2 markets last year. Easy to work with and they sound like a normal fun loving couple discussing life and daily topics. Very Relatable!

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The Jim Brickman Show hosted by best-selling romantic piano sensation Jim Brickman, brings listeners interesting interviews, advice, and topics that will keep audiences listening and laughing all week long. Jim Brickman is the most charted solo pianist of our time and has touched millions with his music.
As part of the show, rather than “reporting” on what experts say, Jim goes straight to the source. Weekly guests include experts from The Food Network, HGTV, USA Today, and more. The Jim Brickman Show gives stations and their listeners backstage access to the biggest names in music from one of the biggest names in music…himself. Jim invites stations along, as he and Reynolds cover everything from Hollywood and health to food and fitness.

LiveLine is a high-energy five-hour LIVE Top 40 radio show produced Monday-Friday nights. There is a weekend version fed on Saturday night. The show features continuous contests and prizes, as host Mason interacts with the music. And plays listener requests all evening!

LiveLine transforms Top 40 nights into a music-intensive nightly event, packed with instant audience-building contests and features. Host Mason is exceptionally entertaining, an endearing Gen Z super-talent who naturally connects with the 18-34 target audience. His constant listener phone calls punctuate every hour, building a loyal listener community to build cume and high TSL.

Top-Tier Personalities are just a click away!

G Networks brings a full roster of experienced, major market personalities to radio stations around the country with Personality on Demand. All talent is market exclusive and available for all formats and multiple dayparts.

Personality on Demand is a daily voice tracking service with four breaks per hour. With the ability to customize content for each market, stations can further localize with topical liners, promotional copy, and more! Providing a seamlessly turnkey delivery, stations can manually download or have content loaded directly into any automation system.

Pup counts down the top 30 songs of the week, while superstars jump in on the show. Recent guests include Jack Harlow, Sean Paul, Justin Beiber, Nicki Minaj, and Saweetie.

Request a guest, we’ll do the rest!

Art Sears began landing top-name celebrities and newsmakers twenty-five years ago as former head writer for the Rosie O’Donnell Show and Executive Producer for iHeart Radio Rock WAXQ-FM in New York. Soon after that, Radio Guest Quest was launched and now all the biggest booking agents call Art! His company has evolved into what is now Media Guest Quest. When TOP TALENT wants exposure, they trust Art to coordinate and deliver!

Rejoice! Musical Soul Food is America’s premier Urban Inspiration Network. Rejoice! Musical Soul Food draws an African American audience weekly with a Gospel Music format from artists such as Big Brother CJ, Cedric Bailey, Mike Chandler, Tim Tooten, and Tracy Morgan. This dynamic mix of personalities bring an uplifting and spiritual take on the day and will provide audiences with captivating content that will have them tuning in for more!

REJOICE! has a roster of other great weekly shows including the top ten countdown “Never Missed A Beat” hosted by TAMYYA J”, Mike Glover’s “The City, “On Stage” With Earl Bynum, The WKND Show, Bobby Parker Show, Gospel Gems and others!

All about breaking out of the normal expectations of the typical mornings show, Woody & Wilcox have two key ingredients, a lack of personal privacy, and the lack of sleep. It is a winning combination that leads to comedy. Not comedy in the sense of just laughing. This is comedy that makes audiences laugh, think, and thank God they’re not like Woody.

Born on opposite sides of the country and typically on the opposite sides of most discussions, is what makes Woody & Wilcox different, and what makes it work. Woody is from LA. Wilcox is from DC. They joined forces in San Diego in 2003, and the rest is history. Bring this irreverent, comical, and personality driven morning show to your station today!

Classic Hip Hop and Throwbacks is what BUMPIN’ is all about. The BUMPIN’ format is a mix of the best testing urban tracks with unique image and brand to make your station stand out. BUMPIN is a perfect format if you are looking to a broad appeal yet diversified product offering to your radio station group. The Bumpin’ format can be localized and customized using new hands-free technology.