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SPLAT! imaging libraries are designed for ease of use, maximum versatility, and optimum sonic impact.

SPLAT! custom imaging makes it easy for radio stations and groups to have first-in-class imaging and production. SPLAT! turnkey options help stations save time, and money and can solve staffing limitations.


The SPLAT! online database contains more than 250,000 imaging essentials, such as pre-produced sweepers, promo shells, branded song intros, production FX, listener voices, music beds, and more.

  • First Class, high-quality creative imaging
  • Easy to customize, easy to localize
  • Unlimited access to extensive imaging libraries
  • Save money by bundling with other products


The unparalleled sound and style that you love about SPLAT! Imaging services are now available as custom imaging and production for your station. One of a kind promos, liners, IDs, and more, tailor-made to deliver the most ear-catching, listener-activating audio anywhere on the dial.


You’ve got a killer script. You’re well-stocked with SPLAT! production elements and resources. All that’s left to make your project sizzle is a little ‘special sauce’ to tie it all together. And what is that special sauce? The perfect voiceover.


We’re pleased to team with legendary talents and industry-leading brands in our expanding lineup of imaging and production solutions for radio. Featuring world-class sound and top-level creative, the following products and services are now available through SPLAT! and Radio Resources

Produced by world-renowned sound designer Robert Dudzic, Trynity HDFX features ultrahigh-quality production fx and sound design for imaging, and offers more than 30,000 fx and music beds. Updated weekly. Discover why the biggest brands around the world love TRIL. TRIL is available in two formats: AC/Modern AC and CHR/Hot AC.

As heard on WBLS, New York City, GrooveSnax is the authentic, yet contemporary imaging library you’ve been looking for. GrooveSnax brings you highly targeted, and thoughtfully produced sweeper and promo shells, power intros, music beds, holiday, topical imaging, and more.

GrooveTools is the ultimate production toolkit, custom-built by the high-performance team at GrooveWorx. With tens of thousands of produced sweepers, “insta promos,” work parts, beds, sound design elements, and artist drops, GrooveTools multi-format imaging ranges from the powerful to the playful. Updated weekly.

TRIL is a advanced and ever-expanding radio imaging library, created for radio imaging producers who demand the finest in creative audio tools. It’s music intensive and power packed with branded intros, sweepers, top of hours, music beds, work parts, promoters, drops, next generation FX, and more!

Discover why the biggest brands around the world love TRIL. TRIL is available in two formats: AC/Modern AC and CHR/Hot AC

GrooveWorx, the award winning jingle company based in LA, offers custom jingle service and a wide selection of radio jingle packages.
Formats: All

News Music Libraries by GrooveWorx- Stations can choose from an array of existing news packages, or GrooveWorx will create custom music to specification. Custom News Music, Syndicated News Packages
Formats: News, News Talk, Sports, TV

5 Alarm is the largest independent production music library for radio, commercials, TV, and film. With state of the art, highly targeted search capabilities, 5 Alarm offers more than 400,000 music beds from 100+ production music libraries

Audio Chop Shop provides all the pieces and parts needed to image radio stations, with pre-produced elements including effects, jingles, music beds, listener and artist drops, sweepers, and more.

AMPED provides on-demand, quick turnaround, custom radio production and imaging. AMPED is scalable to meet the wide-ranging needs of any radio station, from full outsourcing to highly focused projects. Collectively, AMPED producers have imaged some of radio’s top stations, now AMPED producers bring their world-class talent to your station for barter or cash.

Westar provides pristine production music for radio. All Westar subscriptions also included a yearly blanket license for the world-famous Sound Ideas, The Hollywood Edge, and Sound Dogs sound effect libraries, plus access to more music from The American Music Company. Great for commercial production and imaging use.