What about the Video Side of Radio?

In today’s lighting speed world, it’s important to show listeners you’re running at their pace which includes playing the hottest songs intertwined with the latest station contest and branding that moves and captures their attention.

As radio has expanded its presence onto digital platforms, the opportunity to utilize video is now at our disposal. Many radio stations, especially those in medium to small markets, may not have the in-house resources or the budget to take advantage of video for listener engagement, revenue generation on their website and social media pages, as well as for marketing via TV commercials.

Each day on social media or on my local TV station I see generic, stock radio station spots splash across the screen. It’s like I’m watching the same ad that I saw in 1996, and radio stations are just using the local TV stations to produce these spots using a basic concept by trying to lump everything together.

Radio stations need to think outside the box and develop ads that will capture the attention of their core demographic listener, whether it be Millennial, Gen X, Gen Z or Boomer. There are so many opportunities.

Chad Erickson of I Need a TV Commercial will not only do slick TV spots for branding like audio imaging… they also do OTT, B-roll, pre-roll and fully customizable tv spots. And, It’s ON BARTER! Click here now to start creating video content for your radio station today.

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